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Audioma RT

Audioma™ RT is a powerful dictation and respeaking solution that provides advanced dictation technologies, including large vocabularies and speaker independence.



Why Audioma™ RT?

Audioma™ RT is the ideal Speech-To-Text solution for dictation and respeaking.

Through Audioma™ RT, PerVoice provides advanced dictation technologies, including:

  • Speaker independence (requires no voice training)
  • Extensive vocabularies
  • Management of spontaneous speech events

Contact us to get full control of your speech recognition solutions.

Great speech to text results

  • Accurately recognize up to 98% of spoken words*.
  • *In optimal conditions.

Freedom to choose

  • Choose the languages you want from the many existing ones.
  • Work with us to create new language models.
  • Personalize a language model for speakers with foreign accents or other needs.
  • Standard speaker independent recognition means you do not need to train the system.
  • Install on a server (Linux) or on a PC (Windows or Linux).
  • Add new words on-the-fly.

Get a bigger return from your audio data

  • Speed up your transcription process. (Respeaking)
  • Prepare medical reports quickly and accurately. (Medical Reporting)

The future of ASR

Developed by researchers at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), the PerVoice Speech-To-Text engine has a proven record as “best of class”. PerVoice and FBK continue to add features and improve the engine to support your speech recognition solutions.

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