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Reporting SuitePASS



The PerVoice AudioText Synchro Suite (PASS) keeps original audio files synchronized with a Microsoft Word® or PDF document.



PASS lets you Transcribe, Verify, Synchronize and Certify transcriptions, giving you end-to-end control of the speech recognition process.

Contact us to get full control of your speech recognition solutions.

How does it work?

PASS&DOC and PASS&PDF give you a time-saving, secure solution for correcting, archiving and certifying synchronized transcriptions from PerVoice.

  • Record audio files that need a high-quality transcription service.
  • Transcribe the audio files using Audioma™ Box or Flyscribe. 
  • Verify and correct automatic transcriptions using Microsoft Word® and synchronized audio using PASS&DOC.
  • Synchronize your audio and text files forever in a single PDF document using PASS&PDF.
  • Certify the transcription by adding a secure digital signature to the PDF file.

How can it be integrated?

PASS&DOC and PASS&PDF come as a suite of tools that work with Microsoft Word® and Adobe Reader®.

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