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Flyscribe is a flexible ASR cloud service that lets professionals create text files from recorded speech.



Flyscribe can be used by a wide variety of professionals working in the transcription of recorded speech from parliamentary sessions and conferences, as well as public administration and business meetings. PerVoice offers transcription service contracts that fit a variety of needs.

Contact us to get full control of your speech recognition solutions.

How does Flyscribe work?

Users interact with Flyscribe through a web browser to:

  • Log in to the secure Web interface
  • Upload one or more audio files
  • Download transcribed text

Get synchronized text and audio

All PerVoice transcriptions are synchronized with the original audio. PASS from PerVoice lets users check and correct transcriptions in a way that maintains the synchronization during editing. You can even save the audio/text in PDF format. Find out more about PASS.


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