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Almawave acquires majority stake in Pervoice SpA, a leader in the field of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).


Almawave, the technological innovation and business intelligence company of the Almaviva Group, has acquired 50.9% stake in Pervoice SpA, a leading company in the field of speech recognition technology that offers complete voice-based solutions.Through the acquisition of Pervoice, Almawave completes its portfolio of technologies and solutions integrating voice, semantics, statistical algorithms, conceptual business intelligence solutions and real-time models of advanced business process management.


Pervoice technology is based on 20 years of research in Speech Recognition Processing conducted at Fondazione Bruno Kessler. PerVoice’s ASR technology - one of the best technologies at the international level - will be part of Almawave’s Iride Customer Centric Suite. With this acquisition, the suite becomes the first fully integrated platform for analyzing real-time multi-channel customer contacts.


PerVoice was awarded the META Seal of Recognition from the META Technology Council.

At the second Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance Awards announced in Brussels on June 20th, PerVoice received the META Seal of Recognition for AudiomaBox. The META Seal of Recognition recognises excellence in software, products, and services which actively contribute to the European Multilingual Information Society. The META Technology Council, a panel of 30 experts drawn from the European language technology landscape, recognised the contribution Audioma-Box makes to the European Multilingual Information Society.

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TVEyes the leading provider of real-time broadcast monitoring in the US, and PerVoice, provider of the most technically advanced Audio-to-Text technology announce their exclusive partnership.

TVEyes has integrated PerVoice’s technology into its broadcast monitoring platform. This allows real-time monitoring delivering highly accurate transcripts in the following languages: UK English, US English, German, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

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