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(Dubai) – PerVoice recently became a member of FIBEP (Federation Internationale des Bureaux d'Extraits de Presse), the World’s largest association for media intelligence and communications insight. This event, which follows the recent creation of TVeyes Language Technology, makes PerVoice a leading company worldwide for television and radio news transcription.


PerVoice already has 13 languages available and aims to have more than 20 languages by the end of 2014, making it the international “go to” technology provider for voice recognition applications.



TVEyes Inc. and PerVoice S.p.A. have formed a new company that will enable the extension of TV and radio broadcast monitoring in any language, to any market worldwide.

TVEyes Language Technology (TLT) is a partnership between TVEyes Inc., a U.S.-based international broadcast monitor, and Italian PerVoice S.p.A., an innovator in speech-to-text technologies (also known as large-vocabulary continuous speech recognition or LVCSR). 

Download this file (TVEyes Language Technology PR.pdf)Read the complete press release[ ]184 kB



Almawave and PerVoice invest in Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) that could substitute today’s typical computer processors. The goal is to create more efficient processors that offer economic savings to ASR customers, while also reducing environmental impacts.


While GPUs are commonly used for computer displays, research is being conducted on using them for data processing on computers and servers. In fact, GPUs perform extremely fast calculations with significantly better energy efficiency than typical CPUs.


Almawave and PerVoice are working with Byelorussian researcher Alexei V. Ivanov, an expert on automatic speech recognition, to study GPU use in that field. The research project will presented at the NVIDIA GTC 2014 Conference in San Jose, California this March 24-27.

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