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PerVoice SpA Working hard and working SMART

Smart City Week 2018



Trento, April the 13th 2018 - PerVoice SpA Working hard and working SMART


PerVoice takes part in the "Smart City Week 2018"* introducing its advanced innovative technology through Cloud.
The topic of the event is participation expressed in its motto: "The Hope of Belonging" and PerVoice will show how the technology can break down the barriers of deafness and strengthen the feeling of belonging with the access to all information.
We look forward to seeing you on Friday, the 13th of April at 19:40 in the room 2 of Diocesan Museum (Duomo square 2)

*"Trento Smart City Week, an event that stems from the inclusion of Trento in the ranking of the top ten smart cities in the world according to the IEEE ranking" (Source: https://magazine.fbk.eu/en/news/hope-belonging-trento-smart-city-week-will-back-april/)

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