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Swiss models, English models and more to come

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Trento, 01 March 2018 - Time for a monthly update of PerVoice language models!

In the past few months we developed Swiss French, Swiss German and updated the Swiss Italian models for broadcast monitoring.
These models are essential to cover the entire Switzerland, with all its dialects and accents. This will be a huge step to allow PerVoice's partners to expand their Swiss business.
We also updated our main English models, both UK and US ones. These updates improve the accuracy of transcriptions and slightly increase the performances using less computing power than the previous one.

Moreover, we updated Austrian German model, Dutch model and Greek model: all developed within Broadcast news domain. Last but not least we developed Colombian Spanish model for call centers, already successfully used by one of our main partners. For further information fill out the form in the "Contact Us" page (http://www.pervoice.com/en/contact-us).

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