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Trento, 30th November 2018 - AlmavivA and PerVoice TEDxTrento's partners.

In the spirit of the "ideas that deserve to be shared", the over 5.000 TEDxes achieved so far are local events, organized independently, which aim to recreate at local level an experience similar to the one of a TED Conference. AlmavivA and PerVoice are partners of the sixth edition of TEDx scheduled in Trento on 1st December.

Italian Information Technology leader, AlmavivA addresses the new digital challenges through a business model in which the core business is; the quality of innovation, authentic flywheel of our society. A vision that has led to the development of a partnership that is renewed every year with TEDx, a brand universally recognized as a synonym of creativity, sharing and innovation.


PerVoice, society which belongs to Almawave, represents the innovation in the field of the Automatic Speech Recognition. Founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the FBK research laboratories "Fondazione Bruno Kessler" of Trento, was the first Italian technological services company able to offer a portfolio of solutions for speech recognition. Today it has voice recognition solutions in more than 30 languages and it's present in over 15 countries worldwide, addressing the needs of the Media Monitoring market, the Contact Center, the Medical and the Verbalization. This year PerVoice is TEDxTrento partner to support the development in the territory of solutions beyond the conventional.

Want to learn more? Visit the TEDxTrento 2018 website http://tedxtrento.com/






Roma stemma



Trento, 13rd september 2018 - #RomeAccessible PerVoice subtitles the Assemblea Capitolina's sessions.

For 24 sessions starting from September, Pervoice will bring subtitles for the deaf in the streaming of the City of Rome assemblies. An innovative service coupled with the LIS video interpretation that will allow people with hearing disabilities to have full access to the contents of the assemblies. You can follow our work from the page of the municipality of Rome: http://static.unimedia.unidata.it/romacapitale/
We thank our colleagues and operators who work day after day to break down the communication's barriers!





Trento, 16th october 2018 - PerVoice and Almawave sponsors of It's all CRM & Contact Center.

PerVoice and Almawave sponsor the Milan event of October 16th It's all CRM & Contact Center: Strategies, Trends and Technologies to Acquire, Manage and Customer Loyalty.
An exclusive networking and comparison opportunity for Managers committed to implementing new CRM platforms and studying innovative Customer Relationship and Loyalty strategies.
An important Panel of more than 50 speakers shared the strategies adopted and the results achieved in various areas of technological innovation, including the much appreciated speech recognition.

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