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Demo Center

Multimedia Monitoring

PerVoice provides Automatic Speech Recognition processing for transcription and keywords searching from broadcasting and multimedia.

Special tools are available to increase the accuracy of the transcription and the performance of search systems.

Preregistered Subtitling

Automatic, reliable speech to text is the starting point for all activities related to the creation of prerecorded subtitles.

An automatic workflow acquires the Audio/Visual signal and transforms it into segmented synchronized text files that one or more operators can revise. Less time to work = faster subtitling = cheaper costs.

Pervoice Subtitling Workstation

PerVoice has developed the PerVoice Subtitling Workstation (PSW) for real-time closed captioning of live TV programs and other live events.

Using the advanced PSW interface (double touch screen monitors, Audioma Speech-To-Text, and respeaking), a two-person team can subtitle a multimedia stream in real-time.

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